Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Nicki's bathroom shelf!

We have a lot of our clients who come in for facials asking what we use on our skin. So over the next several blogs I will be sharing with you that very information and a few secret skin care tips .....

So this month:  What Nicki uses!

My Skin Type is Dry and my Skin Condition can often be sensitive and prone to irritation. I also get the odd hormonal breakout and because of my Dry Skin Type, premature ageing is my main concern.

In the morning, I cleanse my skin with Glo-Therapeutics Gentle Cream Cleanser for sensitive skin.
I follow this up with NeoStrata Skin Active Anti-Oxidant Defence Serum all over my face and neck. I find that Vitamin C Products are too active for my skin, and this contains Chardonnay Grape Seed Extract as well as Green Tea Extract which really reduces the look of inflammation. My new hero product is the NeoStrata Skin Active Triple Firming Neck Cream - the triple being plumping, volume building and firmness!  And lastly I am currently using Glo-Therapeutics Moisturising Tint SPF30 in Medium.

In the evening, I cleanse my skin with the Gentle Cream Cleanser again, and I follow this up with Skin Ceuticals Resveratrol B E Serum. This is an anti-oxidant serum to reduce the free-radical damage that may have happened during the day and prevent collagen breakdown. I only use an eye cream at night, purely as I have more time, and my favourite at the moment is  Skin Ceuticals Eye Balm, a rich hydrating cream and I just love the texture of this product. I follow this with the Restorative Cream from Glo-Therapeutics which deeply nourishes and moisturises my dry skin, as well as being anti-inflammatory.

Once a week I will very lightly exfoliate with Glo-Therapeutics Refresh Facial Polish. This one does not stress my skin, I love the peppermint smell and its very refreshing. I am also using the Skin Ceuticals Phyto-Corrective Mask. This mask is highly moisturising and hydrating and so soothing and calming. I actually leave this mask in the fridge, then  massage it into my skin and leave it on overnight!

Nicki's Top Tip!

Lots of my clients often tell me they forget or struggle to find the time to exfoliate. I am a stickler for the correct exfoliation, and I suggest to keep it in the shower and exfoliate when you have your conditioner in your hair!

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